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Whole chickens        

Our free range chickens are locally sourced and come in a range of weights ranging from 4 to about 10lbs. They make a good hearty meal and are an excellent choice for the family roast.

Chicken fillets 

We also source very popular chicken fillets, which are an ideal choice for a waste free, low fat meal. We can dice your chicken, or even marinade it for you, to save precious time when you are cooking.

Chicken drumsticks and thighs 

These can be served in a buffet, on the BBQ, or in a casserole. They are also great served in one of our delicious marinades, such as 'hot & spicy', 'barcecue', 'chinese.

Chicken Menu


Free Range Chickens up to 2.8Kg

Free Range Chickens over 2.8Kg

Free Range Chickens dry plucked

Barn Reared Chickens up to 2.8Kg

Barn Reared Chickens over 2.8Kg

Free Range Chicken Fillets

Barn Reared Chicken Fillets

Free Range Drumsticks

Barn Reared Drumsticks

Free Range Thighs

Barn Reared Thighs

Frozen Chicken 20% Off

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