May 2017 - Newsletter

Welcome to May

The lateness of Easter this year and the recent arctic blast has thrown us a bit, particularly as we just realised that May was upon us and we needed to get cracking and put up the bunting and prepare the corner barn for the village country market.

In support of the event we served our legendary hog roast and new pizzas to go, which sold out in a couple of hours! The café opened for breakfast and ran a limited menu until 3.30pm - all went well. The weather was fine and the sun managed to show its face, so we hope everyone enjoyed strolling around the village and soaking up the atmosphere.

Down on the farm!

Spring is a joyous time of the year, many say it's the prettiest. For us, we love to see the colourful floral changes in the countryside, such as the vibrant yellow daffs, pretty blue bluebells, delicate white snowdrops and new bright green shoots that together can brighten up the dullest grey winter day.

As beef farmers, its also a very busy time of year, and often stressful. The calving season is underway and Hugh is on call 24/7, he certainly has his work cut out attending to essential 'mid-wifery' duties! All worth it though, as it's wonderful to see the cute new born calves nervously exploring their new environment but keeping very close to mum in case they get lost! If you're in the café or outside courtyard you'll probably see them!

New Cycle Racks

We're thrilled to announce that we've linked up with Take a Stand@, a scheme run by Life Cycle UK in local authorities around the UK. The scheme provides complimentary cycle parking to small scale businesses so that they can offer alternative parking facilities to customers who choose to cycle.

It's well known fact that cycling is one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into your daily routine, mainly because it's also a form of transport. Cycling can save you money, improve fitness levels, help reduce air pollution and is better for the environment. As cycling is a low-impact exercise, it's much easier on the knee joints than running or high-impact aerobic activities, and it will still help you get into shape! So get on yer bike!

Everyday's a school day!

Indeed! Last week we took our shop staff to Park Farm, Kelston - home of world-class, award-winning cheeses. Hugh Padfield (son of owner) Graham Padfield greeted us with a very warm welcome and was eager to show us all around.

The visit was arranged so that our shop staff would have a first-hand experience of the life cycle of cheese, learn more about the difference in taste, texture and aroma between their three trophy cheeses, Bath Soft, Bath Blue and Wyfe of Bath. Hugh explained how each cheese was made, and how, with the addition of rennet to milk, and a few gentle slicing movements with a paddle, the curds and whey separated, eventually forming a much more solid mass. Continuing on, he said, it takes c 10 litres of milk to make one kilo of Wyfe of Bath cheese (27 litres for a whole cheese - as shown). Another staggering statistic is that each cow produces an average of 20litres/day and that the herd as a whole, produces around one million litres of milk/year! The maturing process was then explained and we had a quick peep in the wonderful aromatic ripening rooms - ah, truly delicious! The cheeses are painstakingly hand-wrapped on the premises, and the Bath Soft has the addition of a very smart red Royal seal!

Recipe of the month

Our chef Raquel has come up with this delicious lip-smacking, mouth-watering recipe for breakfast hash. [Click here] for recipe.


We're delighted to welcome, award-winning, business woman and qualified yoga instructor, Lucy Aston to Newton Farm to run regular yoga and mindfulness classes.

Lucy set up YOGADOO in 2015 with one aim, to encourage children, young people (1-16 year olds) and adults to practice yoga and mindfulness techniques to achieve an inner calm. The class programme is currently being finalised, but it's hoped that Lucy will run weekly classes from Monday 29th May. For updates on YOGADOO please click on the events page of our website which will be updated when details have been confirmed.YOGADOO is accessible and available to all. Classes must be pre-booked through

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