January 2017 - Newsletter

Wishing you all a belated Happy, Healthy New Year from Hugh, Celia and the Team at Newton Farm Foods

Looking back at 2016
What a year! We set ourselves some pretty tough challenges, and to be honest, we were pleasantly surprised that we not only met them, but we exceeded our wildest expectations! Just to recap: we were awarded Best Local Meat Supplier and Best Local Farm Shop at Bath's Good Food Awards. We set about supporting our local charity 'SendaCow', and arranged for our green fingered gardener to create a Keyhole Garden (African families are given a small Keyhole shaped piece of land to grow crops. The keyhole is where they walk in to tip their organic waste to create compost to make the land more fertile), which turned out a wonderful success and produced a seemingly endless supply of runner beans, broad beans, peppers, beetroot to name but a few. It was a lovely educational attraction for children, as they loved to watch the garden grow. In addition a vegetable plot was planted up on waste land, which also produced excellent yields. So early in the morning we would pick the crops and put out on sale - veg really can't get much fresher than that - zero miles! Our most challenging time was planning and finally hosting our first Open Farm Day (31st Aug). We were all very nervous and hoped that people would be interested to see what we do 'down on the farm'! The day turned out a resounding success, fantastic weather and we welcomed more than 2000 visitors! We launched our own DVD and hosted a couple of informative food demos, creative floral and wreath making workshops and the cream on the cake was that we scooped up a Gold in the Family Farming Business of the year 2016 at the British Farming Awards. Then Christmas! All this would not have been achieved without jolly hard work put in by all our staff and your very loyal support - thank you!

Smarter Fitter
Generally, January is the time of year when New Year resolutions are made. More often than not they are based around shedding the few extra pounds gained over the festive season or a pledge to eat 'more healthily'.

So without further ado we often launch into new fangled diets, sign up for a gym membership in the hope of feeling better and looking fantastic by the end of the month. Well that's usually the plan anyway! Often after few weeks (if that!) we probably slide back into old habits as its icy cold and we need comfort foods to cheer us. Here's our theory. Be smart, and give up making resolutions, don't diet or detox just be happy to be healthy the majority of the time ie 70% and make this a way of life. If you want a glass of wine or a juicy steak then go ahead, but make sure it's good quality, such as our own produced award-winning beef. This theory is more sustainable as you're never telling yourself you can't have something: good health is about enjoying a well balanced varied diet (not too much of the same thing though) variety is the spice of life, and everything in moderation. Happy eating, healthy year!

New Arrival
We are pleased to invite you to a wonderful tasting from 10am on Saturday 28th January. The Dorset Dairy Co launched its new line of yoghurts just six months ago, and as they share the same ethos as us and are only a few miles down the road we thought we'd give them a go.

Here's a few healthy credentials we'd like to share with you.
There's plenty of research to suggest that plain natural yoghurt is a truly healthy food. Why? Because it contains many health promoting qualities. Such qualities are due to its nutrients, fermentation and the presence of beneficial 'live' bacteria or 'probiotic' bacteria (micro-organisms that confer a health benefit). Eating yoghurt can help with gut problems such as reducing constipation, stomach acidity and diarrhoea. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes stronger bones. When buying yoghurts its always best to read the label. Some yoghurts contain cornflour, thickening agents or gums. Fruit yoghurts will certainly contain sugar, even if its just from the fruit its still sugar, but rest assured, all yoghurts contain live and probiotic bacteria (unless longlife). The choice is yours!

Marmalade in the making
Ooh the sight of Seville oranges really brings a smile to our faces. It's the beautiful orange hue that just shouts sunshine! Well the season is upon us again albeit very short (December - February).

Did you know that marmalade originates from Portugal from a bitter green fruit called quince. The Portuguese word for quince was 'marmelo' and the sweet preserve was called 'marmelad' hence marmalade! Seville oranges are used for their strong citrus flavour. So if you're a fan of marmalade, take just five Ingredients: Seville oranges + oranges + lemons + preserving sugar + water = Marmalade!

Burns Night - 25th January
If you're celebrating the birth of Rabbie Burns, Scotland's national Bard, then you're definitely going to need a jolly good haggis, namely Macsween! Macsween is a third generation family firm, passionate about making great-tasting foods. They start with the best ingredients and follow family recipes, which have been virtually unchanged in 60 years. We are now stocking the traditional recipe and vegetarian alternative.

Catch of the Day!
Steve our lovely wet fish man will be here on again Wednesday 18th February from 11am - 3pm, and subsequently every second Wednesday of the month.

We are now taking bookings for our upcoming Events
Friday 3rd March - Gourmet Thai Evening
Wednesday 22nd March - Spring Floral Workshop
Sunday 26th March - Mother's Day Lunch
Wednesday 21st June - Best of British Flower Workshop

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