What's Happening at Newton Farm

What's happening at Newton Farm

cont/d....The calving season is underway and Hugh is on call 24/7, he certainly has his work cut out attending to essential 'mid-wifery' duties!  All worth it though, as it's wonderful to see the cute new born calves nervously exploring their new environment but keeping very close to mum in case they get lost!  If you're in the café or outside courtyard you'll probably see them!

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We are delighted to announce that local fishmonger Steve Harvey will be setting up a wonderful fresh fish stall in our main car park the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Steve is no newcomer to this fishy business as he started supplying line caught sustainable fresh fish, smoked fish and shellfish nearly ten years ago!  Trading only in fresh, sustainable, line caught fish using day boats from the Scottish, Welsh and Cornish coastlines Steve can guarantee that his products are not only responsibly sourced but are also validated by the Marine Stewardship Council. The fish will be gutted, scaled, gilled and pre-packed, offering a shelf life of up to six days. His salmon is farmed but will have come from tidal farms where the fish are fed on fresh krill (small crustaceans) not ground fishmeal (a commercial product made from fish, fish bones and offal from processed fish) If you love fresh fish that is sustainable and responsibly sourced we hope you'll get hooked!

Next date for fish stall:  Wednesday 8th November 2017

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