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Last orders 3pm for all food except cakes
Cakes, coffee and tea may be ordered until 3.30pm

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Monday - Saturday
10.00am - 4.00pm

Dogs are permitted in the outside seating area. However we regret No dogs,except service dogs, inside

Welcome to November

What terrific weather we had in October. It was great to get outside walking and kicking a few leaves around.

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About Us

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We are third generation family farmers in Newton St Loe, a picturesque village just 3 miles from Bath.

Our farm is currently in an environmental management programme called 'Higher Level Stewardship, (HLS).  This means that we have entered into a voluntary agreement with Natural England and as part of the scheme we are planting trees, some in the original avenues planned by Capability Brown.  We are also planting native british grass species, restoring ponds, hedges and dry stone walls. We have also provided some new footpaths so you can enjoy all of this too!

No Artificial Fertilisers or Chemicals:  

Taking part in the HLS scheme means that we don't use any artificial fertilisers or chemicals on the Parkland grass, so although our cattle are not certified organic, they are grazing land which is as good as.

We have a Beef Suckler herd made up of British Native Breeds of Cattle: South Devons, Herefords, Aberdeen Angus, and Ruby Red Devons. Our beef herd lives out on grass in Newton Park, where it grows slowly and naturally, with nothing artificial to speed things up. Native breeds tend to mature more slowly than their 'continental cousins' and so our system suits them well.

We calf our cows from January through to the end of the summer and then the calves stay with their mothers for about 9 months. This allows the calves to have the very best start in life, forming strong bonds with their mothers and staying on their mother's milk. They are strong and healthy by the time they are weaned and live together in a herd.

During the summer months we gather in grass and preserve it as Silage. During the winter the cattle live in spacious barns with loose straw bedding, and are fed the Silage, as well as home grown wheat and vital vitamins and nutrients. All of their feed is natural and does NOT contain any genetically modified feed or growth hormones. We have high welfare standards and much higher than often found in other countries around the world. 

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